Elliot Rodger: Self hating, half- Asian guy goes on murder spree

I bet you  $100000000 this kids white dad was racist against asian men while still being with his Asian wife and raising his half-asian son. Probably f***** the kid’s mind up real good. This is why I’m always wary of people in these types of relationships..most of them are incredibly unhealthy in nature and produce extremely messed up children. I mean you know how many f*****d up hapa kids there are out there? Take a look at some of the things he had previously said online:


“Shoes won’t help you get white girls. White girls are disgusted by you, silly little Asian”

“Full Asian men are disgustingly ugly and white girls would never go for you. You’re just butthurt that you were born as an asian piece of shit, so you lash out by linking these fake pictures. You even admit that you wish you were half white. You’ll never be half-white and you’ll never fulfill your dream of marrying a white woman. I suggest you jump off a bridge.”





Into the mind of a PUA

I’ve gotten a little blow back from some idiotic PUA losers, so I thought I’d take this time to once again delve into the mind of your average PUA jerk off to let them know what’s up.

The first thing about pick up artists (PUA’s) is that they’re very good at running away from their inner demons. They like to reduce the totality of human relations to a set of gambits, plays, techniques or ‘routines’ in order to depersonalize and close themselves off from other human beings and the vulnerability that comes with truly opening yourself up to others. In this sense it can be said they they are literally training themselves to be psychopathic, robots that are devoid of anything and everything that is good about humanity. What they don’t know however, is that by doing this they rob themselves of the opportunities to experience the best things that life has to offer. As the truism goes, the only way you can experience the good in life, is if you open yourself up to the possibility of experiencing the bad. You can’t have one without the other.

PUA’s always like to say their philosophies are about ‘self improvement’ when in reality it is anything but. Self improvement does not involve adopting an incredibly shallow and angry view of the world around you to escape from the hurt that you feel inside.

Furthermore, their insecurity is also expressed in their compulsion with putting people into categories like alpha’s, beta’s, ugly women, hot women etc etc. They think that by using these sorts of systems and overly simplistic, shallow ways of viewing the world around them, they can establish some sense of control in their lives which is important since their very reason for getting into PUA to begin with was to combat this sense of helplessness and the fears they have regarding the opposite sex. Moreover, these rating systems are inherently hateful by nature. Truly strong men are those that have a great capacity for empathy and compassion while still being able to set healthy boundaries with others in terms of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. You need to be able to see the humanity in others, even in times when you are in great pain. That’s real strength, and it’s also the opposite of how PUA’s like to operate.

This fear (and hatred) of women is also central to the mindset of a PUA. Spend five seconds in any PUA forum and you’ll inevitably come across some boy going on and on about the evils of women and the joy they feel from using their ‘techniques’ in order to try and trick women into having sex with them. By the way this also goes to show you how PUA’s only see sex as a way of validating their ego. Their whole self worth is tied into how many women they have slept with which is incredibly sad.

One thing these PUA’s fail to understand is that women like sex the same way men do, and that they may choose to have sex with you just for the simple fact that you’re around and not because you used some super special, magical, mind control PUA technique to put them under a spell. Sometimes, some women just want sex. Also, despite what PUA’s may think, not all women are devious, good-for-nothing whores. Women-just like men-are individuals with differing personalities and sets of values. Much like people in general, there are good women and bad women out there.

Now the worst kinds of PUA’s are the ones who charge others thousands of dollars to take a three day class. A three day class!?!? I could spend less money doing a full year at community college, and these idiots are charging more to even bigger idiots for three days?..of what? “Be confident, smile, and say hello”!?!? Shiiiiiit…if you want that then I’ll teach you for only half the price. Don’t be stupid people.

Have any of you guys ever noticed that all these PUA guys act, talk and dress exactly the same? You wanna know why that is? It’s because they don’t have a personality of their own. They have given up their own unique identities to adopt a generic ‘PUA’ archetype. They’re the closest thing you will ever have to a human robot.

So to make things clear: you guys are fucking weak. Now obviously you idiots aren’t gonna listen to me, or to anyone, but at the very least please stop annoying other people. Nobody is impressed by you fools, so just shut up, and stop being a bother to society.


Just logged in today and saw that I’m STILL getting (racist) hate mail from bitter white guys from chinacirclejerk? This is beyond sad fellas. Obviously I’ve touched a nerve.

Oh and just in case some random white people stumble across my blog, I want to make it clear that I do not for one second believe all white guys are like the trash described in my writings. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a large number of honorable, decent, normal white dudes so don’t think I’m talking about you if you know you aren’t like that. I’m mainly talking about the types of pathetic specimens that litter the internet talking sh*t they could never say face to face (lol), or ugly repulsive freaks like Donald Sterling.

Take it easy

I’ve gotten some truly cringe-worthy and sometimes downright crazy hate comments over the past day. I even got one from a guy who named himself ‘superior whiteman’ LOL. How anyone could type that out and not feel embarrassed I’ll never know. You would think that these guys wouldn’t be so quick to get their panties in a twist, considering the fact that they like to pride themselves on being ‘politically incorrect’ jokesters or something and love hurling sh*t at other people whenever they can lol.

Racist Love: the curious case of Donald Sterling

The former owner of the LA Clippers, Donald Sterling made headlines recently for making racist remarks about black and latino people. What makes this story so interesting is the fact that his ex-girlfriend was half-black and half-mexican. In my opinion this story perfectly illustrates a phenomena that I have witnessed over and over again in my own life that I like to call Racist Love.

What is racist love? Let me give you an example…

Let’s say you hear a white guy making racist remarks against Asian/black or Mexican men. Then let’s say that calling after him out on his racism, said white guy starts to get defensive, finally asking, ‘How can I be racist if I’m dating an Asian/black/Mexican woman?’

That is racist love.

Despite what some people like to think, you can be a racist while dating a colored woman. Why? Because these guys use their relationships with minority women to act out their power fantasies. They think that by getting into a relationship with an Asian/black/latino/arab woman they are ‘taking them away’ from ‘their men’. It’s basically the old ‘save the colored women’ from the ‘savage colored men’ trope all over again. Notice how Donald Sterling specifically states that he doesn’t like Mexican men, while simultaneously dating a half Mexican woman. To him non-white men are the enemies. In his mind he uses his relationship with a colored woman to try and humiliate colored men. It’s pathetic and gross and sadly he isn’t the only white guy that acts like that. Spend some time on the internet and you will inevitably come across all sorts of embarrassing racist sex fantasies written by white neckbeards across the world fetishizing colored women while simultaneously fusing together lust, violence and a desire to control in these fantasies in order to escape from the reality of their own pitiful existence.

In Sterling’s mind he believes that by dating a minority woman he is getting one over minority men and flaunting his supposed power over them by ‘claiming’ one of their women. To these types of white men, minority women are to be conquered or ‘slayed’ as misogynists these days like to say. They are disgusting, broken little boys who will never be capable of forming real connections with members of the opposite sex and take all of their insecurities and fear out on women of color.

Furthermore it also shows how scared these types of guys are of non-white men. To think that they feel so threatened by guys like us just because of our ethnic background or how we look that they would resort to living their lives with these sick attitudes is just beyond pathetic.
However, what truly boggles my mind is how some minority women (mostly Asian women from my experience) can be so self-hating that they would get into these relationships to begin with. At least I can forgive Sterling’s ex-girlfriend since she was the one responsible for exposing him for the trash that he is. But all those other self-hating minority women out there? Disgusting.

Racist white expats living in China explained (chinacirclejerk)

Recently someone brought my attention to a sub forum on reddit called chinacirclejerk. After browsing this forum for a good 5 minutes it became clear to me what this whole subreddit was about and I thought I would take this opportunity to use this particular online community to try and give you guys a quick run down on the nature of racist white boy expats that have infested Asia.


Generally what you have to understand about most white male expats in Asia is that they are mediocre people, both physically and mentally, and in many cases are just plain unsightly. The reason they go to Asia is because subconsciously they feel that they can use their whiteness to get the kind of attention that they would never get in their own countries because once again these guys are usually ugly and uninteresting when you judge them as individuals.


Now what is interesting about the little boys that hang out on Chinacirclejerk is that they are great examples of what happens to those white guys that are living in China that are racist when they find out they wont be put on a pedestal in Chinese society just because they’re white. They went to China expecting to be treating like Gods, but in finding out this isn’t the case instead spend their days acting bitter on the internet when it turns out the most desirable and successful people in Chinese society don’t give a shit about them and that their being white wont make up for their repulsiveness.


Many of these expats constantly use terms like ‘chinks’ and ‘rainees’ to describe Chinese people. This is their way of feeling powerful as a means of escaping from their own mediocrity and the bitter reality that no matter where they go, they’ll always be losers. In their own words, the reason they are so racist online is so that they can use that racism to ‘release their frustration’ of living in Chinese society, which pretty much explains white racism altogether. Racist white people need racism to feel good about themselves whenever they are feeling threatened or insecure. Like the white nationalist,  racists have nothing else other than their whiteness to feel good about themselves. Now when we take into account the simple fact that being white isn’t even special to begin with-at least to normal, well adjusted people-it just goes to show how plain and unexceptional these idiots are.


The only thing I wish someone could do is translate some of what is said on that subreddit in Mandarin and Cantonese so more Chinese people can actually read about what the majority of white guys living in China actually think about them.